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Shoe Care

shoe care

The Basics

  • Never wear your new shoes in the rain until they have been worn about 3 or 4 times.
  • If your shoes do get wet, put shoe trees in them or newspaper if you don't have trees. Let them dry at room temperature for at least 48 hours before you wear them again. Wet sole leather will wear out twice as quickly as dry sole leather.
  • Before polishing your shoes always wipe them over with a dry cloth to get rid of surface dirt.
  • Polish them with plenty of polish and allow them to sit with the polish on as long as possible. Ideally let the polish stay on overnight. Make sure you get plenty of polish into the welt and the crack between the upper and the sole.
  • Take off the excess polish with a brush or cloth and shine them up.
  • If you have tan shoes you can darken them using a darker polish. Some people will go as far using black polish on tan shoes, instantly making them look very old.
  • Remember a Goodyear Welted shoe is easy to repair and you can change the sole if you want to.
  • The shoe is ready for repair when you can feel a very soft spot in the middle of the front of the shoe where you walk. Push it with your thumb and if it’s very soft, it’s about to go. If it's a little soft, it’s got another few months.
  • If you have leather soles and don't want to slip in an airport hall, cut open a potato and rub it into the sole of the shoe. This will give you enough grip to stay upright.
  • If you look after your shoes, they might just last longer than you.
  • Never wear socks that are funnier than you.