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When you send your shoes back to our factory for repair, it isn't really a repair at all; it’s more of a total rebuild. We strip the shoes down and put them back onto their original last, thereby reshaping the upper back to how it was on the day they were first made.

The beauty of the Goodyear Welted shoe is that as you wear them, the leather insole shapes to your foot and when we repair them, we can leave the insole and just change the sole. This means that the shoe remains as comfortable as when you brought them back to us, even though the sole is as good as new. On other types of shoes the sole and the insole is the same thing, so when you replace the sole, you also lose that lovely leather insole that has shaped to your foot.

Once the new sole has been stitched on and trimmed around by hand, the shoes are then re-polished and re-laced before it is quality inspected and packaged back up to send to you.

It may not be cheap and it may take a while, but you end up with a pair of shoes that look and feel almost new.

In order to send your repairs to us please print off the PDF form from the link below

PDF Form

The cost of a full refurbishment is £95 for the UK,  $170 for the US,  £102.20 for the ROW 

The cost for a Triple welt repair is £110 for the UK, $195 for the US, £117.50 for the ROW 

Please note, you can only repair and exisiting Triple welt style with this type of repair.

All repairs take roughly 10-12 weeks from receipt.

Please note the following:

  • We only repair Grenson Goodyear Welted shoes
  • Your shoes can only be refurbished a maximum of 3 times
  • We are unable to repair any shoes that have been repaired by a third party
  • We cannot repair any uppers, stitchings or linings
  • Repairs can only be accepted by us with a completed repair form that can be downloaded using the above link