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In this section we wanted to explain each different type of Grenson shoe and how it is made.

Firstly, however, a couple of points:

Every Grenson shoe is “Goodyear Welted”, the age old technique, characterised by English shoes since mid 1800's. Goodyear welting makes the shoe more robust and therefore longer wearing and it even means that you can repair the shoe without losing its shape.

Secondly, we have our own factory which has been in operation for well over 100 years and the shoes that we make in our factory are made from skin to box the old fashioned way. We also make some shoes overseas which you will see below and these have been designed and made to “sample” stage in our factory, before being sent with lasts and patterns for the final production.

Here are the various different Grenson shoes in our family:

G-Lab collection

Grenson Lab

Grenson:Lab is our factory limited edition programme. Sometimes, its nice when we do something we love, to make a few pairs of it immediately rather than go through the long task of getting it into the collection. We normally make about 12 to 20 pairs of these only and number them. We also work with some of our favourite partners to create unique “one off’ lines in “collaboration” with them.

G-Zero Collection


Made entirely in the Grenson factory from skin to box, this is the ultimate shoemaking. Leather soles are "closed channel", hiding the stitches, and are made from chestnut bark tanned hides, uppers are the finest French and Italian calf, Suedes are Stead's English and the shoes are lined with the same beautiful calf leather as the upper. Shoe details are hand written on the lining and there are many tiny shoemaking details on the shoes that would not be cost effective on a lesser product.

G-One Collection


Made entirely in the Grenson factory from skin to box. These shoes are made the old fashioned way from cutting and closing the uppers, to lasting, making and finishing. They are made from extremely high quality burnishing leathers, fully lined with classic lining leathers, and soled with high quality sole leather from the best tanneries. This specification is the classic one of the handful of quality British shoemakers still left.

G-Two Collection


In order that we can make Grenson shoes accessible to people who want to wear our shoes but don't feel the need for incredibly high levels of specification in G-ZERO and G-ONE, we developed the G-TWO spec. Designed by us in our studio, lasts developed in the UK by us, patterns developed by our pattern makers, leathers sourced by our leather buyer, prototypes made in our factory to final sign off and then taken to our partner, a beautiful handmade factory in India where they are made and shipped back to us for inspection and final polishing where required. These shoes represent the most incredible value for money, every bit a Grenson shoe, at a price that doesn't require a mortgage.